Hands-Free Lucid Beverage Dispenser 2 Gallon - With Black Acrylic Base & Touchless handle - Rosseto™

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Rosseto’s Lucid Cuboid black 2 gallon beverage dispenser is highly functional, reliable, and is made with top-quality acrylic. It offers a captivating shape along with a crystallized faucet that will draw attention to any beverage. Use the connectivity of this beverage dispenser to create a custom beverage station by placing a Rosseto modular surface such as glass, acrylic or wood in between two connectable Rosseto products. For hygienic dispensing, Rosseto’s hands free beverage dispensers align with new health and safety guidelines. Made from durable polycarbonate for high traffic use.
  • High Quality Acrylic
  • Unique Design
  • 2 Gallon
  • Hands Free Faucet
Actual Product Dimensions:
Shipping/packaging Dimension:
Width: 6.25 (in) , Height: 19.50 (in) , Depth: 10.75 (in)